About Shellac

Shellac is a natural resin, Nature’s gift to  Mankind and is used in over 100 industries and is only produced in India, Thailand and China and is exported all over the world. It is natural, non toxic and an edible resin.

We are leading exporters of quality Shellac in the global market as an exporter with manufacturing arrangement, the Firm has substantial presence in the demanding market of Egypt where this company is the largest exporter since more that the last ten years. The product preference of this market is similar to the demands and requirements of the markets of Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The firm has a very good experience in marketing ZITAN Shellac which is most popular for its superb quality and the Proprietor is familiar with the North African, Middle East and Latin American markets having exposure to the market for the product in Argentina, Brazil,  Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.

Grades of Shellac :-

1. Machine Made Shellac

2. Hand Made Shellac

3. Dewaxed Shellac

4. Dewaxed Bleached Shellac

5. Button Lac

6. Sealing Wax