About Us


One of the leading exporters of quality Shellac in the global market as an exporter with manufacturing arrangement, the Firm has substantial presence in the demanding market of Egypt where this company is the largest exporter since more that the last ten years. The product preference of this market is similar to the demands and requirements of the markets of Latin America, particularly Brazil. The firm has a very good experience in marketing ZITAN Shellac which is most popular for its superb quality and the Proprietor is familiar with the North African, Middle East and Latin American markets having exposure to the market for the product in Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.

The Proprietor was the Chairman of Shellac Export Promotion Council, an organization sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India for promotion of export of Shellac for two years . The Proprietor enjoys a good reputation and standing as a leading exporter with Quality and Reliability as his forte. Due to his personal standing and goodwill the Proprietor was nominated for two years as the Regional Chairman, Eastern Region of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations which is the apex body of all Export Promotion Councils, Commodity Boards and is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce , Government of India . So, far no other Shellac exporter has ever held this august office.

We have our manufacturing arrangements in almost all of the main raw material producing areas of the country and therefore we exercise complete raw material control which increases our strengths in timely execution of all commitments. It is a matter of Pride that we have never had to delay any shipment for want of material. Our buyers have full confidence in us because of our inherent strength and commitment to sincerely serve their needs.