Jute Goods


1) Jute Hessian Cloth
Jute Hessian also termed as Burlap is a finer quality jute fabric that has been long used as the most preferred packaging material for all kinds of goods. Also available in “dyed”, or “bleached” form and treated with vegetable oil, Burlap meets the latest international standards for food safety.

It is a plain cloth woven from jute fabrics with single warp and weft, available as:-

a. Plain

b. Treated (Rot Proof)

c. Custom Printed

Usage :-
Burlap may be used as Squares, Sheets, Liners, Jute Hessian, Bags, Tobacco Wraps, Tubing, Jute Hessian Blankets, Camouflage Jute Hessian and general packing materials for commodities such as cotton and wool. Jute Hessian cloth is generally used for packing or wrapping materials for agricultural products such as wool, cotton and tobacco and also in the upholstery industry.


a. Cloth is used for general packing of goods or commodities, such as cotton or wool.

b. Bags are used to store and pack varieties of goods and commodities such as sand, pulses, grain, potato, onion, sugar and tobacco. The bags are tailored for packing goods upto 60 kgs of weight. These bags serve important purposes specially in geo-based industries and other industries such as construction, cement making etc.

2) Jute Hessian Bags
Hessian Bags are used to store and pack varieties of goods and commodities. The bags are tailored for packing goods upto 100 kgs of weight. These bags serve important purposes specially in agro – based industries and other industries such as construction, cement making etc. They are ideally used for Used in agro – based industries for packing tobacco, tea, coffee, potatoes, onions, wool, wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, sands etc. and many other packing purpose.

3) Jute Sacking Bags
Sacking bags, woven wholly from jute fabrics, are available as plain and twill bags. Jute bags, the other name for sacking bags are mainly used to pack cement, sugar and other bulky articles, which are packed in weight range from 50 to 100 kgs. These are tailored as per customer’s specifications in terms of size and to meet the ever-increasing demand of jute bags in the farm sector, agro-based industries and cement industries.
Sacking bags, specifically used for the purpose of storing agro-based products, are known as Hydro carbon free bags, that have been treated with vegetable oils to destroy the harmful effect of hydrocarbons. Thus sacking bags have great demand not just in the cement industry but also in the agro-based industries.

Different categories of sacking are :-

  • A-Twill
  • B-Twill
  • L-Twill
  • D.W. Flour
  • D.W. Salt
  • D. W. Nitrates
  • Heavy Cees
  • Light Cees
  • Sydney Woolpacks
  • Australian Woolpacks
  • Australian Cornsacks
  • New Zealand Cornsacks
  • New Zealand Woolpacks
  • Fine Twill Cloth
  • Cement Bags

4) Jute Decorative Fabrics
Covering fabrics, stuffings and other materials used in upholstering are collectively termed as upholstery. Jute is being increasingly used as a major component in upholstery. Blended jute upholstery peps up any setting and brings in an ethno-chic yet casually contemporary look to it.

Silky lustre, high tensile strength, low extensibility, considerable heat and fire resistance, long staple length and inexpensive nature are the characteristics of jute that has immense designer potentials. Manufacturers and exporters have discovered the high versatility of the fiber, which can be easily combined with other materials.

Usage :-

Finding a lot of usage in upholstery, the monotonous brown hue of the fiber can be transformed to exotic colors, suited to a person’s choice and style.

Even the coarseness of the fabric can be changed to a soft, silky fabric, which is environment friendly, light
weight, durable, extremely fashionable and very easy-to-use. Jute is used for making covers and stuffing’s etc necessary for doing up the furniture’s.

5) Jute Twine
Jute twine has and still is traditionally being used for hessian bag repairs, sewing and tying. Polished Jute Twine is still used by Post Offices worldwide.

Jute garden twines, preferred by Agriculturists and Horticulturists, are available in green or natural. All jute twines are packaged according to customer requirements.

6) Jute Cloth
Beautiful Dyed Hessian Cloth is ideal for Curtains and Shopping Bags and other crafts. Packing can be in Bales or in Rolls as desired by the customers.