Machine Made Shellac


Machine Made Shellac is produced in two different ways-Heat process and Solvent process.

Heat Process
Separation of pure lac is achieved by melting seedlac by steam heat and squeezing the soft molten lac through filter by means of hydraulic presses. The molten lac is then stretched by means of rollers into long and continuous sheets which is broken into pieces.

Solvent Process
The separation of insoluble impurities is achieved by dissolving the lac in a suitable solvent, usually industrial alcohol is used, the solution is then filtered through fine cloth and the alcohol is recovered by boiling the solution. The molten shellac is then stretched to the required thickness on a roller followed by stretching machines. The solvent process lends itself to manufacture of different type of shellac containing varying percentage of shellac wax.

Grades of Machine Made Shellac :-

1. Zitan

2. Zorange

3. Zilmon

4. Zinone

5. Standard One